Superb elephant-bird egg – Aepyornis maximus – P. O. R.


Species: Aepyornis maximus
Age: Holocene
Locality: Madagascar

Measurements: c. 29.5 x 21.6 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg

Aepyornis maximus was a giant, endemic bird of Madagascar, up to 3 meters tall, and related to ostriches, cassowaries and kiwis. It probably went extinct during the 11th century. The volume of its eggs is more than 150 times greater than chicken eggs. Some legends linked with Aepyornis were recently discussed in a series of scientific articles and will be provided to the highest bidder.

This Aepyornis egg is exceptional. It is genuine and almost complete. About 97–98 % of the shell consists of pieces from the same egg. Two areas were restored by a qualified professional. They are shown on the last photos.

The egg surface shows superb tan colour and patina.
A splendid, museum display-quality egg for demanding collectors.

The egg was acquired in Europe.

The stand shown in the photos is included in the sale.

Price on request.