Outstanding fossil reptile Barasaurus besairiei

2 000,00


Species: Barasaurus besairiei
Age: Lower Triassic
Locality: Madagascar

Measurements: c. 24 cm from head’s tip to the base of the tail.
c. 24 × 15 cm concretion.
Weight: 2482 g

Madagascar is famous for its large reptiles of the genus Claudiosaurus. Most of these are however restored. We present an exceptional Barasaurus besairiei, a somewhat smaller species that is rarely found complete. The specimen is natural, mostly complete, large for the species, shows superb preservation, great anatomical detail with the bones still in connection and outstanding phalanxes. Specimens with the head preserved are rare. This one is very attractive with the head, tail, four legs and gastroliths preserved. Also preserved are soft parts (tail, partial body and legs). A superb specimen.

The matrix has been glued.

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Weight 4 kg