Fine elephant-bird egg Aepyornis maximus


Species: Aepyornis maximus
Age: Holocene
Locality: south-east Madagascar

Measurements: c. 32 x 20 cm
Weight: 1722 g

Aepyornis maximus was a giant bird, up to 3 meters tall, that was endemic to Madagascar. It probably went extinct during the 11th century. The volume of its eggs is usually more than 150 times greater than a chicken egg.

This Aepyornis egg is exceptional for it is genuine and almost complete. About 97–98 % of the shell consists of original pieces from the same egg. They fit together perfectly. Only three small areas show signs of reconstruction. The most extensive is located where the egg was broken during hatching (photo 5).

The egg surface has a beautiful tan color and shows intricate patterns.
A museum-quality egg for demanding collectors.

The egg was acquired from a European seller.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg