Thanatocoenosis with a large Campanile giganteum


Species: Campanile giganteum (and more listed below)
Age: Eocene, Lutetian
Locality: Marne, France

Measurements: c. 48 cm long gastropod
Weight: 10.7 kg

This exceptional piece consists of a large and gorgeous Campanile that is surrounded by numerous other fossils, including Clavilithes parisiensis, Clavilithes laevigatus, Athleta spinosa, Rimella fissurella, Sycum bulbus, Crommium willemeti, Amalda dubia, “Turritella” sp., Callocardia nitida and Costacallista laevigata. The piece would fit very well in a cabinet of curiosity or could be a central piece for any collection.

The piece is completely natural. No fossil was added, this is not a composition. A few shells were glued back to their original position.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg