43 cm Campanile giganteum


Species: Campanile giganteum
Age: Eocene, Lutetian
Locality: Marne, France

Measurements: c. 43 cm long gastropod
Weight: 5.0 kg

Gorgeous Campanile specimen that would fit very well in a Cabinet of Curiosity.
Wonderful colors and smaller gastropods around the main fossil.

The apex (photo 9) of the Campanile and some of the smaller shells were glued back to their original position. No fossil was added.

During the preparation process, three smaller gastropods were found in connexion with the body chamber. The block naturally came off (see photos 4–6). Upon request, the block can be glued back to its position or be shipped as is if the buyer prefers to keep it separate.

Please note the mark of an extraction tool on the Campanile (see photo 8).

Additional information

Weight 8 kg